Meet the team

This is the team behind openrouteservice - a colourful mixture of forward thinking minds from different domains

Openrouteservice is maintained by Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) group and is supported by the Klaus Tschira Foundation (KTS) Heidelberg. It is part of the GIScience Research Group at the Department of Geography, within the University of Heidelberg. Its objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology from academia to practical applications and professional services. The focus lies on the analysis, refinement, enrichment and usage of big spatial data from the crowd for innovative applications and services.

Maxim Rylov

Spatial Algorithms & Core

Maxim has profound knowledge and experience in developing spatial algorithms and application programming interfaces. His speciality is making these scalable and performant for large datasets.

Lu Liu

Infrastructure & DevOps

Lu takes care of the infrastructure behind the openrouteservice and deals with challenges in regards to scalability of the service, automated deployment and generally ensures reliability of the service.

Adam Rousell


Adam handles everything around the openrouteservice geocoding services and is terribly comfortable in debugging, tweaking and consuming elastic search databases.

Timothy Ellersiek

DevOps & Business Development

Besides working on continuous integration steps and the cloud infrastructure of openrouteservice, Timothy has developed a strong focus to find the business niche of the services provided.

Alexander Zipf


Alexander is chair of GIScience (Geoinformatics) at the University of Heidelberg. He started openrouteservice back in 2008 and promised to keep innovative services running until the present day.

Hendrik Leuschner

Spatial Algorithms

Hendrik comes from the domain of physics and mainly works on the time-distance and isochrones api. His core interest is to make these performant in terms of both results and response times.

Amandus Butzer

Apps & Docs

Most of the time Amandus is implementing new features and fixing bugs on Additionally he takes care of our documentation and api examples.