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    Global spatial services by consuming user-generated and collaboratively collected free geographic data directly from OpenStreetMap

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Crowd sourced

We trust the wisdom of the crowd. The openrouteservice API consumes user-generated and collaboratively collected free geographic data, directly from OpenStreetMap.

Cutting edge

Embedded within the University of Heidelberg, we have the unfair advantage of developing our own algorithms and using cutting edge open source technologies within the spatial domain.

Global coverage

Virtually speaking, our services will work anywhere. OpenStreetMap features global street coverage, a whole world of addresses and all different kinds of helpful information we use to enrich your results.

Openrouteservice API services:


Openrouteservice’s directions can be used all around the globe. Consume rich route instructions in your applications for cars, trucks, different bike profiles, walking, hiking or wheelchair. Make use of plenty of options, ranging from different kinds of road restrictions to vehicle dimensions.


Reachability has become a crucial component for many businesses from all different kinds of domains. To this end, you can use openrouteservice to obtain isochrones which will help you determine which areas objects are able reach in given times or distances.

Time-Distance Matrix

Matrices allow you to compute many-to-many distances and the times of routes much faster than consuming the directions api over and over again. This application is frequently used by logistics companies trying to figure out the most optimal route for deliveries.


Geocoding transforms a description of a location, such as a place name, street address or postal code, into a normalized description of the location with a point geometry. Additionally we offer reverse geocoding api which does exactly the opposite.


This service allows you to find places of interest around or within given geographic coordinates. You may search for categories of points of interest around a point, path or even within a given polygon and consume the rich meta information returned by the api for your needs.

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